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BKD LEGAL, LLC by and through Attorney Brian K. Duncan offers legal services to individuals and businesses throughout the State of Ohio. For over 10 years, Attorney Duncan has been offering his sound legal advice and aggressive defense strategies to each client he works with. Attorney Duncan is a no-nonsense attorney who is willing to accept the challenges of a case and provide his client with the appropriate representation to grant them the best possible outcome. Attorney Duncan understands the law and is a firm believer in using those laws to benefit the people who rely on them. He is always available to make sure each of his clients’ rights is fully protected, no matter what type of case or the circumstances involved.

Primary Practice Areas

Attorney Duncan is skilled in several primary practice areas, including but not limited to:

In each of these areas, Attorney Duncan is capable of providing effective negotiation skills as well as an aggressive defense strategy that is based on his client’s best interest. Attorney Duncan can effectively litigate many different types of cases and is always ready to take on a new challenge. Attorney Duncan understands the nuances of each type of law and always goes above and beyond when explaining a case and its details with his clients.


At BKD LEGAL, LLC, Brian Duncan and his staff are dedicated to making sure each client they take on receives the highest quality of legal representation possible. With his many years of experience, Attorney Duncan understands the laws and does everything he possibly can to explain to his clients how the law works and what they can expect if he takes their case. Not every case can be won, but he will do everything within his power to make sure the outcome is in favor of his client.

When contracts are involved, his negotiation skills can be used to gain the best possible outcome for each case. No matter what type of case he is presented with, he will provide each client with the information they need to move forward. His steadfast motivation and unwavering dedication to his clients and their cases are just two of the qualities that set him apart from other local attorneys. If you have a legal issue and want to talk to a Sunbury attorney, call Brian Duncan today!

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