Ohio Business and Real Estate Attorney (Sunbury, Delaware County)

BKD LEGAL and Attorney Brian K. Duncan offers legal services for both business and real estate matters. He handles all types of residential and commercial matters including contracts, negotiations, and litigation proceedings. Attorney Duncan is capable of dedicating all of his resources toward resolving the case he takes on. He understands that each case is unique and must be addressed based on its own merit and evidentiary support. With that thought in mind, Attorney Duncan is constantly moving forward to discover new information that he can use to best suit his clients’ needs. His first objective when dealing with business and real estate related cases is to evaluate who you will be working with and to determine the ultimate goal. Attorney Duncan provides free consultations so that he can determine first if a potential client has a case, and second, the best way to proceed.

Ohio Business Attorney At Your Service (Sunbury, Delaware County)

Owning a business can be a stressful, especially if you have legal concerns. Attorney Brian K. Duncan understands the pressures of owning and operating a business of any size. As a Business Attorney, he serves commercial businesses and real estate clients throughout Ohio, including, in Delaware, Franklin, Morrow, Knox and Union Counties in Ohio.

Whether you need a skilled negotiator or an experienced litigator, Attorney Duncan can assist you with all of your legal needs. With every case he takes, he remains fully motivated to ensure that you get the aggressive representation you need and deserve to win your case. No business is too big or too small. Attorney Duncan is ready to step in and make sure things go smoothly and your rights are fully protected.

Real Estate Services

Legal issues involving real estate can be frustrating and worrisome. That is why you need a reputable Real Estate Attorney on your side. Negotiating a real estate deal takes both time and effort. As an experienced real estate attorney, he is capable of helping you reach a decision that is favorable to both sides. His real estate knowledge covers both owning and purchasing, as well as renting or leasing commercial and residential properties. With his in-depth knowledge of business and real estate law, he can provide you with the type of representation that is second to none in the area. Call or visit his office today for your free consultation.

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